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Royale shades shown
with Black Patina.
Dome Bell
Royale Grande
Vasos Tavern Embassy

Shade Size Model # Glass Types
Vasos 3" W x 6.5" H 830206 Crystal Sandblasted
Embassy 2.5" W x 5" H 830205
Grande 3.5" W x 4" H 830304
Royale 3" W x 3.75" H 830305
Tavern 3.5" W x 6" H 830406
Bell 6" W x 5" H 810604 Standard Sandblasted
Peach Sandblasted*
Caramel Stained
Cloud White Stained
Lavender Stained
Peach Stained
6" W x 6" H 810606
6" W x 8" H 810608
7" W x 5" H 810704
8" W x 6" H 810804
10" W x 6" H 811004
12" W x 6" H 811204
Dome 8" W x 4" H 800804 Standard Sandblasted
Peach Sandblasted*
9" W x 4" H 800904
10" W x 5" H 801004
11" W x 5" H 801104
12" W x 5" H 801204
15" W x 6" H 801504


Incandescent: 1 x 60 watt
candelabra socket
Halogen: 1 x 75 watt
12 volt bi-pin *
Line voltage Halogen available
Fluorescent available *

A-lamp socket available on
Bell and Dome shades (please call customer service).

See specification chart below for individual shades

Antique Copper
Shop Copper
Green Patina
Black Patina
Brushed Nickel *
Satin Nickel *
Brushed Brass
Satin Brass

6x5" Bell shade
in Caramel Stained

and Antique Copper
Wall Sconces
Hanging Lights
Bar Lights
Table Lamps
Floor Lamps
Exterior Lights
Wire Wall #1
Wire Wall #2
Wood Flower #1
Wood Flower #2
Luna Sconce
Curved Sconce
Four Square Sconce
Curved Oak Sconce
Curved Metal
City Light
Down Light
Up Down Light
Wave Sconce
Howard Wave
Tri-Sconce #1
Tri-Sconce #2
Folded Tri Sconce
Spear Sconce
Forged Ring Sconce
Filigree Oak Sconce
Ribbon Sconce
Curled Glass Sconce
Club Light
Folded Sconce
Oval Sconce
Stem Sconce
Oval Stem Sconce
Gooseneck Sconce
Three Shade Stem
Casa Sconce
Spotlight Sconce
Rolled Glass Sconce #1
Rolled Glass Sconce #2
Single Torch Sconce
Triple Torch Sconce
Profile Sconce
Ceiling Mount
Ceiling Pendant
Single Pole
Four Pole
Six Pole
La Brea Light
Forged Tripod
Forged Ring Tripod
Kitchen Light
Oval Four Pole
Two Stem Clover
Four Stem Clover
Casa Chandelier
Rolled Glass Chandelier
Lantern Chandelier
Four Shade Bell
Fire and Light
Pendant Light
Rolled Glass Pendant
Three Shade Pendant
Hanging Grid Pendant
Forged Pendant
Star Pendant
Bar Light #1
Bar Light #2
Up Down Light
Craftsman Lamp
Wrap #1
Craftsman Floor Lamp
Round Copper Lanterns 1
Round Copper Lanterns 2
Square Copper Lanterns
Porch Lights
Up/Down Lights
Casa Lights
Ceiling Lights
Landscape Lights
Cylinder Lantern
Begonia Lantern
Oak Leaf Hacienda
Bungalow Lantern
Hacienda Lantern
Cottage Light
Almond Leaf Lantern
Glass Cylinder Lantern
Glass Pasadena Lantern
Copper Top Lantern
Copper Top Porch Light
Bungalow Flush Mount
Pasadena Light
Shadowbrook Lantern
Coach Light
Down Light
Adora Rose
Casa de LA #3
Casa de LA #4
Casa Wall Wrap
Casa de LA #1
City Light
Up Down Light
Casa de LA #1
Casa de LA #2
Casa de LA #3
Casa de LA #4
Curved Casa Sconce
Casa Wall Wrap
Casa Ceiling Wrap
Casa Ceiling Wrap
Coach Ceiling Light
Landscape Lights
Pixie Porch Light
Pixie Light
Patio Lights